Thursday, November 13, 2008

a human pretzel?!

every week i think grey's cannot top itself: that the medical cases cannot get more outlandish, that the relationships cannot get more convoluted, but the show (atleast on this level) does not disappoint. tonight's episode featured a man caught in a trash compactor impaled on his own femur, a high-functioning autistic surgeon, a haunted heart, and denny's ghost - plus meredith's wild college roommate who willingly sliced open her own back with a scalpel, just to practice stitching. the fact that all of those things can fit into the same 42-minute episode is pretty amazing, and, of course, each of those generates plenty "wtf moments:"

1. trash compactor man. if this homeless man were from detroit, he would be lying next to the woman who had her face and hair ripped off, but because we're in seattle the entire surgical team is going to try to save him. don't doubt my empathy or the fact that all patients should all be treated equally, but trash-compacted man turned out to just be a showcase for callie to process her hahn emotions (which will never be fully processed, but only repressed, so that they can return in various forms - see discussion of denny's ghost).

2. highly-fuctioning autistic surgeon. considering that half the people in my graduate school are probably suffering from some sort level of asperger's syndrome (the jury's still out on me), i fully understand that dr. wilson can be an amazing heart surgeon and still unable to interact with the general population. however, seattle grace is not the general population, so you'd think they would have some sympathy.

3. haunted heart. this plotline was on the borderline of believeable (until the heart magically started beating again), but it was so closely tied to denny's ghost that i found it annoying, as usual.

4. denny's ghost. if denny is real, then is izzie already partly dead? or, was there some ridiculously elaborate trick where he wasn't really dead at all? either way, i am ready for them both to go toward the light. take izzie, take a few spare hearts and scalpels, and go - because this extension of the denny storyline is getting annoying and stretched too thin for even grey's viewers to believe. izzie was finallllly, ever-so-slightly moving foward (and dragging alex along with her), and then denny comes back to pull them into the hospital limbo that he, apparently, still haunts. if "i'm coming for you" truly means "i'm taking you with me," then get on with it shonda rimes! and stop subjecting us to the torturous drawn-out death of their relationship.

5. "die and death." meredith's college nickname tells a lot about her past and personality, especially for a person who was "dead once" and continually chooses to be mopey and gloomy. [though, i must admit, in the last few episodes she has exhibited more of the "warm-and-gooey, lives-with-a-boy" characteristics than the mopey ones. not sure how i feel about that]. and, as per usual, the old roommate disappeared halfway through the episode. she will likely pop-up next week after having done something utterly ridiculous (like removing a colleague's perfectly good appendix!!!!)

other random exclamations:

[please drag izzie in front of a bus right now. denny, you are getting annoying].

[the only way i will continue to tolerate you is if you bring back doc].

"little sloane does not enter little grey." good god, that was not necessary.

[plus sloane is going to sleep with callie in .238745 seconds.]

"shut it down." seriously, cristina, if you actually taught your interns shit then you would know how to do a slam-bam pulley stitch too, instead of getting the credit. and making out with mccamo is probably not the best idea, considering he's clearly got some issues going on.

alex is finally going to get turned around and then izzie is going to fuck him over because of her denny-complex.

and flash-forward to next week:

oh yes, have sex with a ghost. that always helps.

stop operating on each other! where is that dummy that yells and bleeds? that's what he's for!

karebare665 (10:08:32 PM): you can't have sex with a ghost
karebare665 (10:08:34 PM): you just can't
karebare665 (10:08:43 PM): not even in the greys universe

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