Thursday, December 4, 2008


Tonight one of the most awkward conversations in the history of Grey's Anatomy occurred between Izzie and Christina. A paraphrased version:

Izzie: I may not get the solo surgery but i am having the best sex ever. Out of anyone in the world. No one else has ever had sex as good as the sex I am having right now with my dead fiance. If everyone else had a ghost to have sex with they would have sex in the storage closest at the hospital in the middle of the afternoon just like I just did.

Christina: Please go away

Denny used to by my favorite character on this dumb show and now his character has been ruined beyond redemption. He is like stalker ghost! If ghost Denny had a ipod I hope he is listening to the stalker song ( note I am about to listen to stalker song). He shows up in the lounge, he watches Alex and Izzie get it on, he is in the operating room. Please go back to wherever you came from Denny.

Now lets discuss how adorable my boy Alex Karev was in this episode. Not only does he refuse to suck up to Christina but he declares his love for Izzie ( he could seriously do so much better) and shows his sensitive side when he starts talking about how Izzie is his best chance for happiness. I am so glad that Alex got the solo surgery.

What was with the random intern at the beginning of the show announcing that he was going to have sex? This show doesn't even try to be about medicine anymore. I think Mark sloane is like 3 episodes from being a likable character. He might be nearing the end of his man whore ways. And of course the moral of this show was don't text and drive.