Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Code Black

While I anxiously await new episodes of Grey's anatomy, I have decided to recap some of the great episodes of Grey's past. Since I had a wheel of fortune/ code black dream, obviously that will be the first episode.

2 years ago the superbowl was held in the D. In the midst of all the superbowl excitement, ABC started playing a promo for the grey's episode to be shown after the game. This promo featured code black, followed by panic. Unable to wait until the episode aired to find out what code black was, of course I consulted google and found out that it was a bomb. At this point i was super excited for greys. (please note that in this point in the writing of the blog that I read about crayola crayons on wiki)

Basically, the highlight of this episode was A FREAKING BOMB INSIDE OF A BODY!!! Of course mer had to stick her hand inside his chest because she likes to almost die. The end.


Now that the strike is over, episodes of our beloved Grey's will finally return!! excla.

And just to tide you over....

I never thought reading the Bible was sexy until I saw Justin Chambers do it.