Thursday, November 22, 2007

"It's been on for 15 minutes - how can you possibly already have stuff to discuss?"

So today was a pretty quality episode of Grey's.
And by quality, I mean ridiculous.

Since today was Thanksgiving, I watched it at home with my mom. And as usual, I had to converse with the Jill and the Fig [I'm trying out a new version of her name] via AIM - something which my mom did not understand.

I was starting to worry slightly about Grey's but then an episode like this appears, and my faith in it's completely-unbelievable-but-addicting-ness is restored.

Exploding necks.
Crashing ambulances.
Crashing computers.
Both of Alex's women in the same place at the same time.

Though I have to say I am slightly disappointed in the crashing ambulances.
A seizure?
I was hoping for something a bit more Detroit.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Man In Hospital Gown Surrenders After Standoff In N.J. Eatery, Police Say

[Borrowed from MSNBC]

updated 5:58 p.m. ET, Fri., Nov. 16, 2007

A man with a knife has surrendered after barricading himself inside a restaurant in Springfield, N.J. Police said there was no one else in the restaurant, which is located at Caldwell Place and Morris Avenue.

New Jersey State Police said the man jumped out of an ambulance in his hospital gown and ran into the restaurant.

The standoff lasted for about two hours until the man surrendered peacefully.

The incident began at around 3:30 p.m.

[Who needs to create storylines when the real world gives you stuff like this? Truth is stranger than fiction].

A list.

1. Man, I love Bailey.

2. There is no way Derek ever had an afro [and wasn't Burke the one who played sax?].

3. Finally, yet one more piece of info about Alex's past. Or did we know that already?

4. I don't know if I could be a writer on Grey's anymore, as they have once again stolen [kinda] a plotline I would have used - next week there will be ambulance chaos [of course in my Detroit version of this, a crazed gunman is involved - so there is still material to be used].

5. As further evidence that Grey's reflects my life entirely [or that someone is stalking me and my blogs] a kid got a pencil in his eye. Everyone knows my favorite way of saying that something is annoying the hell out of me is that I want to poke a pencil in my eye. Example sentence: "Reading William Faulkner makes me want to poke out my own eye with a pencil."

6. Wait, revised example sentence: "Gizzie makes me want to poke out my own eye with a pencil."

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why Gizzie can't have good sex.

"Fun" box.
Bottle of booze.
Izzie in sexy nightie.

What is George wearing?
A sweater that looks like it came straight from Mr. Rogers' closet

I rest my case.

Gizzie needs to be surgically cut from ‘Grey’s’

George and Izzie as a couple feels too random and just doesn’t work


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A notice to all TV execs.

Dear television executives,

Allow me to introduce myself. I know that now that all your writers are on strike you have no one to pen scrips for your shows. However, I - Alex Cervenak - would like to offer my script writer services. I have been writing fake episodes - as well as [correctly] predicting real occurrences - on Grey's Anatomy for several years now in my livejournal. Thus, I feel that not only can I continue the current season I can [dare I say it?] write it better, as I'll cut all the weird sentimental and completely unbelievable bullshit. Also, as a former news opinions writer I feel that this qualifies me [though you may not] to write for such people as Jon Stewart or even Dave Letterman. And most importantly, I am a poor college student meaning that whatever you pay me, I will gladly take it meaning you don't have to worry about ME going on strike.
There is the offer. Please consider.


next week on grey's anatomy: octopus child

because they always seems to feature a unique medical case that has occurred once in the entire world (remember the penis fish?), i submit this to whoever will be writing grey's anatomy in the future.

Girl with 8 limbs undergoes surgery

i hope the surgery goes well for the little girl; even with her 4 extra limbs, she is very cute.