Friday, February 16, 2007

Continuing my Academic Demise....

Yesterday I said that I only write posts to yell at Detroit and Wayne State.

I take that back.

I also use it to yell at televsion shows which I know I cannot change.

1. You know shit it messed up when someone using a power drill to make a hole in someone's head is the most believable part of your show.

2. The man with the fucking hole in his leg swam. Why the fuck can't you?!?! [look, you're not me. I'm probably the only person left on this earth who doesn't know how to swim]

3. How many people know their boss's cell phone number off the top of their heads in a moment of extreme crisis? seriously.

4. I hope she fucking dies. Then the show can just be called "Anatomy" and it would be so much easier.

5. Alex and Addison just need to get it over with and sleep with each other. It will happen next week. Hopefully.

6. DENNY AND THE BOMB MAN?!?!?!?! What. the. hell. This moment resulted in even more screaming at the TV than when George said he married Callie. I never thought I would live to see the day when Grey's thought it was self-important enough to go all Sarte-ian. [which leads me to point 8].

7. Meredith probably won't die. She'll probably go into a coma Days of Lives style, magically wake up in the middle of next season and in the meantime Derek will have married Izzie, and she'll be pregnant, and Burke will have died because he made fun of George and Christina is now a lesbian and George and Callie will have broken up and now Callie is with Sloane and George somehow seduced Addison and all thats left for Meredith will be Alex and Meredith will be so pissed that she'll really kill herself in the bathtub.

8. If you continually jump the shark, every week - do you ever REALLY jump the shark? And how many sharks can you actually jump?

9. I am so watching next week.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Just so I can say I called it.

Since it was about 2:30 am and we had nothing better to do, me and Jill of course decided to watch yesterday's episode of Grey's Anatomy online.

We cannot believe we are this addicted to a show with such ridiculous plotlines which we complain about constantly. Yet we watch it on loop.

And in next week's episode there is supposed to be some massive diasaster which kills a shit load of people. We predict any combination of the following scenarios:

1. Its a fucking lame disaster like 2 ferry boats hitting each other. [This will probably be it, as previews always make the next episode look more dramatic than it actually is]

2. Terrorists learn that herbal supplements combined with radiation and chemo create neuro toxins and so they run around feeding cancer patients herbs.

3. Terrorists blow up the Space Needle.

4. A ferry boat runs into the Space Needle.

5. Due to an earthquake the Space Needle tips over. And lands on a ferry boat.

I am really rooting for something involving the Space Needle and/or ferry boats.