Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This Thursday the season finale of Grey's is upon us [So soon?! Just when George was getting incredibly adorable again!! Damn you Writer's Strike]. Me, K Fig and Jill will not be able to watch it at the regular time because well, we will be at the Kanye West/Rihanna concert - but hey, thats why they invented videotapes and abc.com. Sorry Alex Karev, Kanye will be our egotistical maniac for the evening instead.

But the previews for the finale is offering a ridamndiculous teaser of a man trapped in what looks like some sort of stone-ish substance.

Predictions as to what this substance is are as follows:

My mother: A meteor. Props to my mother for thinking of that one. A man trapped inside a meteor is completely ludicrous, which means its a viable guess for a show like Grey's.

K Fig: "It's probably dried cement. Or something lame." This is probably what it actually is, and yes, it will be lame.

Self: Dried lava. For like 2 years now Grey's I have been urging you to make the most of your surroundings - you are in the Pacific Northwest for godssakes, let's have some volcano action!!! [All right fine, I don't know if there is an active volcano legitimately close to Seattle, but hey, nothing on Grey's is legitimate].

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grey's is now the gayest show on TV.

Well, maybe aside from 'Project Runway.' [<3 btw]

But Hahn finally made out with Callie. In an elevator. In front of Sloan.

In other news, George O'Malley is once again officially the cutest thing. Ever.
George + Tuck = afuckingdorable.

The Chief?
Unexpectedly funny.

Also: why, exactly, did Rebecca/Ava/Jane Doe/Alex's Woman think she pregnant even though she wasn't?
I think Jill's prediction that she actually has the tumor Meredith and Derek are trying to cure is just ridiculously unbelievable enough for Grey's to try pull some shit like that.

Finally a note to the writers:
Izzie was in this episode for only about 3 minutes.
Thank you writers, thank you.
You are starting to wise up to her annoyingness.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


"We screw guys like whores on tequila."
- Meredith Grey

Preach it sister.