Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stellar news.

Apparently, Shonda Rhimes wants to kill off Izzie since Katherine Hiegl decided to get all uppity over Emmy nominations and say she didn't have the writing to warrant her a nomination this year.
This is probably true, because Gizzie was the most annoying thing ever. Ever.
Thus, I really hope Izzie is killed off. It would be even better than when Meredith was almost killed off.
Actually, a lot of people could be killed off Grey's and I really wouldn't miss them [as K Fig and I have discussed]. George clearly must stay. And Alex for his hottness. Hahn and Callie can stay because the whole lesbian thing is pretty ridiculous. Bailey can also stay because she is awesome. And Sloan can stay just because the whole recent "this man is a whore speech" was also awesome. Cristina I am ambivalent about. Meredith can die. As can Izzie. Ridiculously annoying. We can also trade McDreamy for McVet.
So once again, thank you Perez.

PS. On another note, today I ate some apricot preserves straight from the jar, and I was reminded of that time Izzie ate a whole tub of butter. You know, back when she didn't make me want to kick the TV in.