Thursday, October 9, 2008

the great flood of 2008?

despite our little vacation from last week (due to the vice presidential debate, dontcha know), all us average-joe-six-packs are ready get up from the kitchen table and sit on the living room couch to get our regular fix of grey's.

i know i'm ready for the surgeons to to see all those mavericks take on the chief's authority like mavericks. clearly, rules are just made to be broken; i know that gives all the hockey moms at home a real thrill.

based on the previews, we know the hospital is going to flood and i can only hope it's going to be like titanic - with doors exploding from the water pressure and people taking the elevator downstairs to only find water rushing in before it stops. (i can also hope that this flood is because the space needle fell over and poked a hole in a water tower on top of seattle grace, but that might be too much for even the grey's writers). maybe they should just have the whole cast build an ark.