Saturday, October 27, 2007

Slightly gross.

Last night I had a dream that I amputated my own leg. This has probably been caused by several things:
1. It's Halloween time.
2. I have been reading too much about the Civil War.
3. That dude cut off his own foot on Grey's.

Sadly, the only other people in the dream were my mom and brother.
Why not Dr. O'Malley and Dr. Karev?!!?

Monday, October 22, 2007

I was wasting time [obviously] and I found this.

Stephen Colbert + Jon Stewart + McDreamy + douches = what's not to love?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

You can 't deny it.

One thing, and one thing only needs to be said about tonight's episode:

Alex Karev + black wife beater = severe hotness.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Forgotten Whores of Grey's Anatomy

Quick! Who's the bigger whore?
A. Alex Karev
B. George O'Malley
C. Mark Sloane aka McSteamy

My guess is you probably chose A or C - not dear, sweet innocent George. But this afternoon, me and the K Fig came to the conclusion that George O'Malley is actually one of the biggest whores on 'Grey's Anatomy.' In the course of a year [or 3 seasons, whatever I don't get TV time] George has slept with Olivia, Meredith, Callie and Izzie. This is made even more impressive by the fact that he's gay - okay in the reality of the fictional universe he's not, but whatever.
I know that civilized society will now shun me, but that has already happened as the K Fig and I have also recently found ourselves as the only members of "Team Alex" is support of Dr. Karev. This does not mean that I no longer love the George, as he is still the love of my imaginary Grey's life - and like Callie I'm not exactly ready to give up on the George that once was.
So George, what happened?! How did you quietly and stealthily amass more lady action than McSteamy, the self-admitted man whore?
In fact George's man-whore ways can be topped by only one person - Izzie Stevens, yet another character not necessarily thought of as a whore. In the course of one 3 season year Izzie has slept with Alex, gotten engaged to Denny and broken up George's marriage. Now that's seriously impressive.
So all of this begs the question - does being a whore mean actually sleeping with a multitude of people, or just acting like one? Blunt, more obviously good looking, slightly jack-ass-y men like Alex Karev fit our preconceived notions of what a man whore should be, so even though he's only slept with Izzie and Olivia and not broken up any marriages and kissed Addison once [and actually restrained from getting it on with a patient! Gasp!] we immediately think he's actually the whore. But all the while, bumbling, short and in earnest George slips by under the radar actually doing the man-whorey deeds.
But then again, when you're on a fictional prime time soap opera sleeping with a few more people than the next guy might not mean anything at all.
This then leads us to Izzie - why is she not the resident lady-whore? Perhaps it's because we always feel sorry for her - her fiance did die the same night he proposed, and the other guy she's supposedly in love with is already married [though not for long apparently]. Tragedy and whore-iness don't mix, and all we're left with is a muddle which just leaves us feeling sorry for her. The only woman ever actually called a "whore" was Meredith - by Derek, for sleeping with...well, him.
Sure, Meredith was sleeping with a married man, but then Derek knew he was married to Addison and sure Addison slept with Sloane but then Sloane slept with Callie when she was semi-dating George and then George slept with Izzie and then.....when everyone is sleeping with everyone else does the label "whore" not matter anyway?

Oh, I would just like to say this applies to real society by the way.
Which justifies me wasting 30 minutes writing a blog about a fictional TV world.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"i just threw a pancake in the river!!" -OR- a new meaning of the phrase "breakfast with grey's"

alex [the girl] asked for a buzzed post, so here it is. ignore any typing mistakes; they're really not my fault.

first - alex [the guy] is an ass. and being an ass does not make a person hot. in the reality of the actual universe (as opposed to the fictional) asshole-ism decreases a person's attractiveness. therefore, if alex and lexie actually interacted in real life, she would have punched him in the head while in the elevator.

meredith and lexie: you've each lost your mother, and it sounds like you've each lost your father (for different reasons, but still) - bond over that! you're all you've got! besides that other sister. what the heck happened to her!?

callie: izzie will so kick your ass. growing up in a trailer park, giving up a baby at 16, losing your fiance to a heart attack - what have you done? oh yeah, i seem to remember your uber-rich father showing up and threatening to pay for a big, glamorous ("champagne wishes and caviar dreams," addison? way to rip off fergie) wedding. even though you may be a dominatrix in comparison to george, izzie will still kick your ass. even though she has gone all bambi the last couple of seasons, she once threatened to beat up cristina. and cristina was scared. so you should be too.

ohhh!!!!! i have just realized that i did not tape over my "antiques roadshow" with grey's fucking anatomy. this is so glorious!

You have apple hair.

And I threw a pancake in the river. [Of all things to say! When my brain spazzes out I hope I say something better].

Several things must be noted:
1. Alex finally trimmed his hair.
2. Rory Gilmore's grandpa is now an intern. Poor guy.
3. Needle in eye?! Gross. I can't even wear contacts.
4. RIP Really Old Guy.


I've been waiting for Izzie and Callie to throw down for like a year.
I'm taking bets.
Sure, Izzie grew up in a trailer park.
But Callie is a dominatrix.

Who's your money on?

George is basically my hero.

Okay, so this isn't really George - it's T.R. Knight. But still, this makes him even the more loveable!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

This would be better with waffles.

Thanks to my new laptop, I now have the unprecedented ability to blog about Grey's AS it happens. [This is mainly to help the Jill, who cannot watch the show as it happens] Since this cannot occur in person as it used to, this conversation is now reduced to cyberspace. tear sob.


Wtf pigtales Yang? Seriously?

OMFG Fix your hair Alex. It's fucking poufy - and whats with the goatee? Hideous. Shave it off.

Ah, George is back as an intern! At least he did not go to Mercy West.

"Girl on girl honeymoon" - someone's favorite fantasy I am sure.

I hope McDreamy and Bailey hook up. That would make my life.

The Chief just called Callie "George." I think. Maybe.

Oh snap. Sisters almost meet.


Dead guy breathing!!!!

Way to reveal you're Meredith's sister while wheeling in armless woman Lexie.

[karebare665 (9:09:35 PM): was that really the best time to drop that bomb lexie?][credits]

Ewwww - arm! [I'm having Elaine Scarry flashbacks]


If Alex doesn't cut his hair I will email Shonda Rimes personally.

A dude just ate cotton balls!

A zombie? Or Lazarus?!

Awwwwwkward for McDreamy.

Oh, look even more awkward."Daddy intern." Fucking creepy Callie.

"My boobs are a little sore." Oh wait just got creepier Callie.

Poor deer. If you fucking help a deer Izzie I will no longer have any respect for you.

A DEER?!?!? [Jill is crying right now because an animal is hurt]

karebare665 (9:19:06 PM): "we found this fucking arm in the road, and we have a dying deer in our truck"

Internally decapitated?!

karebare665 (9:21:39 PM): talk to you next commercial!

Eating surgical equipment?!?!!

Please note Alex will soon hook up with poor lonely armless girl.

Jumping the deer. [instead of the shark]"You don't try to save them, you eat them." Gross!!


Does Meredith have a fake spray bottle tan?!

Eeeeewwwwwwwww. Alex and Lexie.

Bailey and the Chief throw down!

Hahahaha Christina is awesomely bitchy again.

karebare665 (9:27:46 PM): McDreamy seems really pathetic

Laa13laa (9:27:42 PM): seriously

Laa13laa (9:27:47 PM): lame oh

Laa13laa (9:28:11 PM): even i can find someone to go get a drink with and I'm not nearly as hot as Patrick Dempsey

karebare665 (9:28:29 PM): haha

karebare665 (9:29:02 PM): if you're going to have a baby with no arm, you need the best ob/gyn

karebare665 (9:29:50 PM): and did that guy eat siccors?

Laa13laa (9:29:51 PM): yeah i am pretty certain

Laa13laa (9:29:56 PM): and some binder clips ahaha

karebare665 (9:30:21 PM): gross!

karebare665 (9:30:29 PM): somebody make that man some waffles!

karebare665 (9:30:31 PM): stat

Bailey is way more badass than Callie.

Laa13laa (8:54:10 PM): mwuahahahaha I get to watch greys before you do!

Laa13laa (8:54:14 PM): yay time zones

prestochangeo44 (9:32:52 PM): bitch

Crying kids? Now you're just manipulating our emotions.

GIZZIE is freaking creepy.

"I'm Bambi" Oh man where is P Patel?

Vent McDreamy vent.

Oh snap McDreamy just owned McSteamy!!

Bonding with an armless woman Meredith? wtf.

Man chokes on scissors!!!

karebare665 (9:38:09 PM): so izzie is bambi?

karebare665 (9:38:15 PM): and how dumb is she

karebare665 (9:38:17 PM): he's married

karebare665 (9:38:24 PM): leave him alone

karebare665 (9:38:30 PM): homewrecking whore

karebare665 (9:39:53 PM): izzie's mother isn't even dead!

karebare665 (9:39:56 PM): that line made no sense

They are going to shock deer? What.the.freaking.hell.

OMG a Lazarus deer!!

A baby is coming! And no Addison!!! And George is delivering a baby?!!?!? wtf.

he just delivered it in all of 3 seconds.

Lexie's has crazy big eyes like Stephanie!

Oh man,now Christina is sappy. I take her awesomeness back.

Callie and Alex throw down!

"A cute festival" Seriously?!?! I think I might hate Lexie.

Awwww what about you George? <3

Her mom was the hiccup woman?!?!

Wtf Lexie and George are so going to make out in like 3 episodes.

karebare665 (9:49:58 PM): when did george become a pimp

karebare665 (9:50:03 PM): all the ladies want him

karebare665 (9:50:06 PM): too bad he is gay

karebare665 (9:51:08 PM): in the reality of the fictional universe

karebare665 (9:51:14 PM): i was hoping the deer would attack izzie

karebare665 (9:51:28 PM): also please note that i am eating shredded cheddar cheese out of a bag

If Bailey says "speechless" one more time I am going to yell at the TV.

You're not chief resident Bailey so you can actually go home and spend time with your baby!!!

Oh my hell. Now McSteamy is getting all touchy feeling."I came to Seattle for you. I came to Seattle to get you back."

I hope McDreamy and McSteamy hook up!!!!! That would make my freakin life.

OMG Lexie wants George so bad.

Are ALEX AND CHRISTINA about to have a tender moment?!?!!?!?!?!?!! NO WAY.

Ooooh cold Meredith, cold.


Thank god.

They were getting boring. You broke up - stop making out!!!!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Jill: i think this should be your note about grey's anatomy"

All conversations eventually turn to talk of Grey's anatomy. Today while vikram was telling me that andy couldn't sleep because of their loud neighbors obviously my first thought was that Meridith gave McDreamy wax ear plugs because she snores to loud. This led to a discussion about the character of Alex. We seem to know nothing about Alex, so we discussed some scenarios of his life before Seattle grace.

Karen: oh good god i just used grey's anatomy to help andy with his sleeping troubles

Jill: oh my hell

Karen: they have loud neighbors

Karen: so naturally my first thought was meridith got mcdreamy wax earplugs

Jill: lol


Karen: grey's anatomy can relate to any situation

Vikram: lol

Vikram: bc so much shit happens

Vikram: like every social problem imaginable has occurred

Alex: social and medical

Vikram: I doubt medical

Jill: this is true

Jill: sadly


Karen: what were the previews of grey's for this week?

Jill: i dunno, but alex gets punched and falls down

Jill: and george tells izzie he loves her

Karen: george told izzie that last week

Karen: who punches alex?

Karen: when are we going to learn about alex

Karen: i feel like we don't know anything about his character

Karen: we don't know anything about his background except he went to med school in iowa

Jill: write shonda rimes

Karen: alex is a really undeveloped character

Jill: he is secret

Karen: alex was probably adopted. one day his birth father will show up and need a kidney transplant, then never talk to alex again after the surgery

Jill: lmao

Karen: oh wait that already happened on lost

Jill: Laa13laa (12:38:38 AM): Alex will then be pushed out of a window

Laa13laa (12:38:44 AM): and end up in a wheel chair

Jill: Laa13laa (12:38:53 AM): only to be saved by mcdreamy

Karen: because his 70 year old dad is strong enough to push alex out of an industrial strength glass window

Karen: it will then be revealed that alex knew how to fly and chose not to

Jill: he will be a superhuman body builder

Jill: i think this should be your facebook note about greys anatomy


Karen: who would he meet in heaven

Karen: denny didn't like him

Karen: denny wouldn't talk him in to living

Karen: well i guess denny wouldn't want him with him

Jill: they would finally throw down

Karen: my note needs a good title

Karen: instead of doc being in heaven the deer that izzie saved will be there

Karen: sadly the deer got run over by an ambulance as it was leaving the parking lot of seattle grace

Jill: lol

Jill: oh!

Jill: alex can meet that guy he killed

Jill: when he gave him too much sodium or whatever


Some other random thoughts about greys:

Vikram: was george in the new episode?

Karen: yes

Karen: he is an intern again

Vikram: lol

Karen: meridith is his resident

Karen: he was being a whiny bitch

Vikram: he decided to do it over

Vikram: good choice george!

Vikram: quiting would have been a huge moment