Wednesday, December 6, 2006

ABC - eat your heart out.

As most of you probably know by now, ABC has somehow hacked into my computer and is stealing my blog entries for use as story lines on Grey's Anatomy. Sure, they are sort of disguised as to trick me into thinking that they are not plagarizing me.

I write a fictional account of me and Jill being quarantined for SARS? Bubonic plague makes an appearance.

Same account - a car crashes into Recieving Hospital. On Grey's a car spins out of control and crashes through a market.

Really, the evidence is undeniable.

But ABC, I would now like to make you an offer. Today, something which could only happen in this great city of ours, Detroit, has happened. Let me recount you the tale.

Man is arrested for driving stolen car.
Man is taken to jail, where man is either for real, or feigns, sickness.
Man is taken to the Detroit Recieving (seriously, this is way more badass than Seattle Grace).
Man starts to fight with police officer who tries to handcuff him when they get to Recieving.
Man manages to wrestle gun away from police officer.
Man grabs clerk and takes said clerk with him outside by gunpoint.
Man fires several shots with newly stolen gun outside of hospital.
Man then releases clerk but hijacks an ambulance standing outside with 2 patients inside.
Man then forces ambulance driver to drop him off at Third and Canfield, which is yes, several blocks away from my apartment and very near to Wayne State University.
Man flees on foot.
Man is tracked by dogs to bus stop on Canfield and Grand River, where the trail runs cold.

Okay ABC - can it not get any better then this? Crazed man (apparently, this loose gunman has some sort of mental illness and has not taken his medication)breaks free in hospital, with a gun, hijacks an ambulance and then flees to nearby college campus. Whoever writes Grey's Anatomy - look, you cannot invent a story like this. So let me write this episode for you, for real (instead of this ghostwriting stuff you're having me do). I promise you it will be brilliant, and then you can pay me royalties. It will be glorious.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

This is why I am proud to say I live in Detroit.

Today I was walking down Woodward and a bum came right up to me, put his face at a vaguely uncomfortably close distance to mine and asked:

"Hey would you give me a kiss?"

To which I could only reply:"Ahahahahahahah no sir."

Then to make things even better, the bum said:

"No come on! Seriously!"

To which I could only laugh even more because even bums are picking up the 'Grey's Anatomy' slang.

Friday, December 1, 2006

The Best Combination Ever


Blue Light.

Grey's Anatomy.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Bitches - I called it!!!

If you actually read my Livejournal, which no one probably does, you might remember that a few weeks ago, when being killed by the SARS I wrote a fictional episode of "Grey's Anatomy." In it me and Jill were at Recieving Hospital, being saved by George O'Malley, when unfortunately we forced numerous people - us, George, Meredith, Danielle, Andrew J and Pete into quarantine as the SARS spread.


Oh wait, there was a quarantine because of the plague.

Close enough.

I SO called it.

ABC owes me royalties.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Hypothetical Episode of "Grey's Anatomy"

Starring: Jill, Alex and the return of the SARS

Also, let's pretend it takes place at Detroit Recieving, because well quite frankly, that's a hell of a lot more badass than Seatle Grace.

Well, every episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' opens with a voice over of Meredith attempting to wax profound. What should she say? How about...."Detroit. *insert artistically shot montage of images of Detroit here* A city used more to gunshot wounds and car thefts than epidemic disease. But what we're used to doesn't always matter. Sometimes it means you date a vet instead of screwing a world renowned, and married, brain surgeon. Sometimes it means you eat the vanilla pudding at lunch instead of the chocolate. And then sometimes it means coming in on a normally calm workday to -

"*HACK HACK* (from two girls sitting in the waiting room of course)"

- epidemic disease." (sorry at the lame attempt at an opening monolouge. This is why I don't write for TV)

Now for the action. Shall we? Oh wait, before we get to that - this is the part when the screen goes white, the nice "Grey's Anatomy" logo appears and the twinkling music goes on in the background. Okay, now we can move on.

Scene 1: The two girls are at the registration table filling out forms and whatnot. This provides a handy cameo for Andrew J, who unluckily has been transfered from Harper to Recieving just in time for epidemic disease. He warily takes their papers from them as he is afraid of their coughing, which shakes both of them with much violence. But as he ushers them into triage, one of the girls - who is wearing dead sexy pink and black glasses by the way - is overcome by her coughing and collapses on the floor. Then of course it is necessary for Dr. George O'Malley to rush in - looking cute as always - and save her. (Sorry Jill, this is MY episode of Grey's Anatomy, and I totally get to be rescued by George)

Scene 2: Okay fine. Jill just informed me she wants to be rescued by George too. This means that I have to think of some sort of catastrophe which simultaneoulsy alienates George from the rest of the hospital forcing him to care for me and Jill on his own as well as creates a nice subplot to take care of Burke, Christina, Izzie, Bailey, etc and all the other characters I don't feel like writing about. Hmmmm....a catastrophe that can only happen in Detroit, as everything else in the world has already happened on Grey's (a broken elevator, crazed gunman, a bomb, etc). Ah yes, as Jill has just told me - something to do with cars.Just as George has finished stabilizing yours truly, suddenly a loud screeching noise is heard. A car has spun wildly out of control and plows through the lobby of Recieving. Oh hell, lets have its gas tank blow up, to make it more interesting. Also, let's just say that the car ran over and killed Alex (Karev, not me) because let's face it, he's kind of an ass anyway.

Scene 3: In all the comotion, George has lost track of Jill, but suddenly he sees that she too is near unable to stand up due to her violent coughing. He ushers her quickly to a bed near Alex, only to realize that no other doctors are around (as they are all occupied with aforementioned car) and he must save Jill as well (yay George!). *insert much medical mumbo jumbo which I cannot even pretend to write accurately* Just then Meredith appears to help George and the two of them cannot figure out what is wrong with these poor girls. (Meredith also brings along with her a very nice nurse, who unfortunately happens to be Danielle, who picked the wrong day to transfer from Oakword to Recieving)In an effort to determine what is wrong with the 2 girls, George and Meredith ask the two girls for more details about their condition.

Alex: "Well, it all started back in February. I think I caught it from a certain un-named man, and since I see Jill so much I think I spread it to her. It started with coughing -"

Jill: " - then we got the chills - "

Alex: " - then hot flashes - "

Jill: " - then of course, more uncontrollable coughing"


Alex: "And it went away, and then suddenly it came back - to both of us at the same time. Unexplicably" (wait....would I use big words like 'unexplicably' while hacking up a lung? oh well)

Scene 4: While Jill and Alex have stumped Meredith and George, the man who's bed is next to Alex starts coughing as well. The man's name is Pete, and he is in the hospital because he hit himself in the face with some aluminum siding earlier in the day. This gives a bit of quirky humor to everything, as well the fact Pete actually did this to himself today. Suddenly, George is transported back to his days at med school at the University of Toronto. The chills, hot flashes, the uncontrollable coughing, spreading from one person to another, why that reminds him of something he saw of a lot of in Toronto, it reminds him of.....SARS!!!!!!!!!!PANIC! PANDEMONIUM! CODE BLACK! Stop caring for those people who got ran over by that car, we're all going to die anyway!

Scene 5: Meredith, George, Alex, Jill, Pete, Nurse Danielle and Andrew J (who had the misfortune of handling our contaminated paperwork) are now all in quarantine. What follows is a poignant scene in which Alex and Jill proclaim their friendship for one another, George says he still loves Meredith, Meredith sees McDreamy in the distance and the two share a "look," Andy and Danielle are just generally angry that we coughed on them, and Pete sings softly to himself the Bob Dylan song he always wanted played at his funeral, "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." This is all montaged with images of the other doctors trying in vain to save the car-run-over-people as they find themselves overcome by the SARS as well. There is also an image of Alex Karev's poor dead body being carted away, let's say its by Stephanie, because she wants to study what happens to organs when they get run over by a car. This is the montage that typically occurs at the end of every episode of "Grey's Anatomy" and must be accompanied by some sort of pop-y, but still meloncholy song, generally sung by a woman. But I'll leave the soundtrack up to someone else.

Scene 6: Smoke from the exploding gas tank billows down the halls and Alex and Jill continue to cough up their lungs.....though no one knows if its from smoke or the SARS anymore now. Throughout the halls, doctors, nurses, and patients have the tell-tale SARS cough (Alex and Jill coughed all over too much of everything for quarantine to matter much) Now, I don't know how to end this episode - should Detroit Recieving go up in flames in true Detroit style? It would kill eveyone inside (including me!) but that would stop the spread of the SARS. Or should we survive the fire but then contaminate all of Detroit with SARS? I just can't decide. So I will end it in the best cop-out way there be continued....

(I'll let you know how it ends if/when me and the Jill recover from this outbreak of our SARS. Though I think this would be a nice first half to a season finale, don't you? I really should send this in to ABC.)

Monday, May 15, 2006


The following are snippets are a single AIM conversation with Jill concerning this evening's season finale of Grey's Anatomy. I think her distress should be recorded, for medical purposes of course.

Jill: i cannot handle when things bad happen to dogs
Jill: people i don t have much trouble with, or cats
Jill: but a dog and i'm a basket case
Jill: a;wskjdghsldkjfgh;akejhf;sjfhvnlsdkjfbnk1!!!
Jill: i ccant calm down
Jill: after doc, i was justa blubbery mess for the rest of the show
Jill: and then denny
Jill: and alex
Jill: sob sob

Jill: whnever you're going with your new heart transplanted fiance to the prom you're throwing for your patient who's dying of cancer at 17 who had sex at the prom and passed out and now they know the cancer's back
Jill: you gotta keep a formal dress around for those inevitable situations

Jill: meredith's all worried about her underwear
Jill: at that point, does it really matter?
Jill: why the hell would you sleep with someone who calls you a whore?

Jill: i think you shuold write an lj dedicated to grey's
Jill: it could be a whole copy and paste of my ridiculous IM's

Well, least you realize they were ridiculous. ;)