Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Eulogy for Grey's Anatomy, the worst show on TV that I still kinda loved.

Hey Grey's Anatomy, remember when you were an actual show that dealt with actual issues, like ferry boat disasters, girls with terminal cancer who just wanted a prom, the ethics of the doctor-patient relationship, how to handle an unexpected pregnancy and syphilis?

And then remember that one night you suddenly became a show about lesbians and ghost sex?

Nothing against the lesbians actually, but.....ghost sex?!?!!
Okay, to be fair the ghost sex hasn't occurred just yet [but if the previews are any indication, it will shortly].

The only way I will forgive this is if it's some elaborate set-up to show that Izzie is already dead [yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!] and that Alex is the crazy one hallucinating that she's still here. Because as we all know, Alex tends to like his ladies on the crazy side - so maybe, he's actually the crazy one.

Oh! Or, maybe everyone is already dead - because as Meredith's near death experience taught us, the after world looks just like Seattle Grace. Satre-ian twists like that I would expect from a show like Lost [return please!], but hey, maybe Dr. McArmy is the new Henry Gale. At the very least I can hope for a cross-over episode with two very different versions of hell: the 12th ranked teaching hospital in the nation in Seattle, or a tropical island with magical qualities and polar bears.
And since my heathen ways will probably land me in hell, I'm totally choosing the tropical island with magical qualities and polar bears when my time comes.

Even more ominous was Dr. Dixon's declaration that "I don't like this hospital - I don't like this hospital at all" - do the writers even like this hospital they created anymore? Or are they trying to sabatoge themselves? And for godssakes, where the hell was George?!!!

Hell may be other people, or it may just be the people at Seattle Grace.

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