Monday, November 10, 2008

musical beds?

as today i did not feel like paying any attention in class whatsoever, i decided to exercise the little brain cells i have left by recounting my grey's knowledge.

we all know - and love - that the show is just s soap opera barely disguised as a medical drama because it is set in a hospital. love triangles, squares, and octagons are veiled behind a once-in-a-lifetime medical mystery.

just to prove how ridiculous this show is, i constructed a chart of all the main characters and their (sexual) relationships.

some surprising (and not so surprising conclusions):

1. only bailey and the chief have managed to not sleep with another member of the (current) staff. (of course, if former staff were included, the chief's relationship with ellis grey would be called into question).

2. surprisingly, george has slept with as many people as alex, even though alex is likely considered to be the bigger "man whore" of the two. (if george hooks up with lexie - which is likely going to happen in about 2 seconds - he will surpass alex for the title of "man whore #1 of seattle grace").

3. there are a lot of attendings on this show. they have an eternal revolving door, because doctor's keep fucking up, leaving for california, or becoming lesbians - all three reasons are enough to get your character written off the show, atleast in the eyes of ABC TV execs.

4. this show has been on 4 seasons (which has only really been like 2 weeks in the skewed timeline of grey's world) which means that these people have spent an awful lot of time having sex to rack up these stats. they wonder why they've sunk to the #12 research hospital? seems pretty obvious to me.

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