Monday, March 31, 2008

Why are the good ones either gay or crazy?

The strike is over, but alas, we must wait until April 24th for new Grey's episodes! tear.
I was able to live through this drought by watching "Enchanted" on loop [McDreamy is so much more dreamy in that than on Grey's, trust me] and having my Thursday nights taken up with new episodes of 'Lost.'
Now sadly, even 'Lost' has returned to reruns, and I am now feeling the void in my life that is a Thursday night without the lovable trash that is Seattle Grace.

Thank god for Perez Hilton, as he keeps us updated on our favorite interns' exploits.

1. T.R. Knight [love of my life, why are you gay?!?!] has a 19 year-old b/f. They are also now moving in together. Apparently. This shatters any hope I might have that if you met me you might turn straight T.R.

2. Justin Chambers, I thought you were nice guy with five children and a wife or whatever [albeit a nice guy with sleeping issues]. Even though I love Alex [unlike some people], this made me happy as I thought you weren't a complete jerk like your character. Apparently, I was wrong as you are as crazazy as the rest of them.

Please hurry up April 24th, as I am considering filling my need for guilty-pleasure TV by watching 'The Hills.' You can see this is a dire situation.