Thursday, December 6, 2007

Take your fucking hair net off before you make out in a hospital.

So much blood. So much rage.

Someday I am going to do an Elaine Scarry reading of Grey's Anatomy. I will then write a book called 'Trauma Theory in Grey's Anatomy. Seriously.'
This episode will feature prominently.

Continuing with this weird postmodern bent - the brother/sister/kinda like incest relationships are starting to creep me out. Gizzie just needs too fucking die. Like now. And what is it with the Grey sisters always sticking their hands into people's bodies?

I need to stop being an English grad student like....right now.

On that note - of course Rose knew of to fix computers.
But if V Chawa was the intern in that OR that computer would have been fixed in like 3 seconds.

And omfg - the amount of gratuitous blood!
Thanks for that Seth Green by the way.

PS - Please let Alex wear that black wife beater in every episode from now on. Thank you.

'Grey’s’ needs to save itself from pap — stat!

Exhilarating conclusion necessary to dig show out of hole, keep audience

"Even a frustrated fan can admit that it'll likely work out again. That's what "Grey's" does. It evokes thoughts of rage, rebellion and hyperbolic cries that we'll watch nevermore. But viewers keep coming back.

Check out how hot Alex is in this photo