Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grey's. Pick your shit up. Seriously.

So the season premiere had promise, but come on guys....pigs?! For realz?! Some tips to make this so far lackluster season better:

1. So Hahn's departure was abrupt and unnecessary and kinda sucky because I like her [she was actually sensible, which meant she kind of filled Addison's place] but I am also sort of relieved to see the Hahn/Callie relationship end. It was starting to get weird and forced, mainly because watching Bailey's whole my-vay-jay-jay-is-like-Africa speech to Callie with my mom was awkward.

2. Izzie + Alex = zzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz. Yeah I know Alex might want some stability right now since his last lady love went cuckoo and cut her wrists, but come on, its just not like him to agree to "go steady." Let's mix this shit up okay?

3. Meredith + Derek = even more zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz. I know keeping Meredith and Derek apart was getting annoying, but actually they are even more annoying together. Now they are all schmaltzy and diary-finding and whatnot, and well, boring. Break the fuck up again. Thanks.

4. Bring the therapist back!!

5. Britney Spears guest spot!! [she has experience riding in ambulances, it will be cool].

6. More George! Now that he's gotten over that inexplicable Gizzie hump, he's back to being adorable. So up the George ante - last week he was only in the episode for like 4 seconds. Unacceptable.

7. Give Mark Sloane a character trait that isn't being horny. And give him a story line that doesn't involve sleeping with someone on the staff. Gasp! I know it will be difficult.

8. Dr. McArmy scares the shit out me. Please make him less frightening.

9. Please please do something to that horrible whiny Izzie. Maybe she can see Denny because she herself is close to crossing over to the other side?!!! I can keep the hope alive.

10. Icicle? Please. And that flood was not as disasterous as it could have been. Three words: Natural. fucking. disaster.

I have hope for next week since the promo was Elaine Scarry in television form!!!! [yay]

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Becky said...

I like to call him McCamo, and I think he is HOT.

I agree that George has made a miraculous comeback from the land of annoying, but he seems to have left Meredith, Derek, and a whole slough of other people behind.

Also: Izzie's confusion over Alex's method of "asking to go steady"? Has she or has she not known Alex for four years/5 very long seconds in Grey's time? I knew what he meant 3 seconds into the episode, and didn't get why Izzie was so pissed off about it. Sigh.

It's all going to go wild any minute, though, when Meredith/Ellen will be forced to reveal her every-growing fetus.