Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Jill: i think this should be your note about grey's anatomy"

All conversations eventually turn to talk of Grey's anatomy. Today while vikram was telling me that andy couldn't sleep because of their loud neighbors obviously my first thought was that Meridith gave McDreamy wax ear plugs because she snores to loud. This led to a discussion about the character of Alex. We seem to know nothing about Alex, so we discussed some scenarios of his life before Seattle grace.

Karen: oh good god i just used grey's anatomy to help andy with his sleeping troubles

Jill: oh my hell

Karen: they have loud neighbors

Karen: so naturally my first thought was meridith got mcdreamy wax earplugs

Jill: lol


Karen: grey's anatomy can relate to any situation

Vikram: lol

Vikram: bc so much shit happens

Vikram: like every social problem imaginable has occurred

Alex: social and medical

Vikram: I doubt medical

Jill: this is true

Jill: sadly


Karen: what were the previews of grey's for this week?

Jill: i dunno, but alex gets punched and falls down

Jill: and george tells izzie he loves her

Karen: george told izzie that last week

Karen: who punches alex?

Karen: when are we going to learn about alex

Karen: i feel like we don't know anything about his character

Karen: we don't know anything about his background except he went to med school in iowa

Jill: write shonda rimes

Karen: alex is a really undeveloped character

Jill: he is secret

Karen: alex was probably adopted. one day his birth father will show up and need a kidney transplant, then never talk to alex again after the surgery

Jill: lmao

Karen: oh wait that already happened on lost

Jill: Laa13laa (12:38:38 AM): Alex will then be pushed out of a window

Laa13laa (12:38:44 AM): and end up in a wheel chair

Jill: Laa13laa (12:38:53 AM): only to be saved by mcdreamy

Karen: because his 70 year old dad is strong enough to push alex out of an industrial strength glass window

Karen: it will then be revealed that alex knew how to fly and chose not to

Jill: he will be a superhuman body builder

Jill: i think this should be your facebook note about greys anatomy


Karen: who would he meet in heaven

Karen: denny didn't like him

Karen: denny wouldn't talk him in to living

Karen: well i guess denny wouldn't want him with him

Jill: they would finally throw down

Karen: my note needs a good title

Karen: instead of doc being in heaven the deer that izzie saved will be there

Karen: sadly the deer got run over by an ambulance as it was leaving the parking lot of seattle grace

Jill: lol

Jill: oh!

Jill: alex can meet that guy he killed

Jill: when he gave him too much sodium or whatever


Some other random thoughts about greys:

Vikram: was george in the new episode?

Karen: yes

Karen: he is an intern again

Vikram: lol

Karen: meridith is his resident

Karen: he was being a whiny bitch

Vikram: he decided to do it over

Vikram: good choice george!

Vikram: quiting would have been a huge moment

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