Thursday, October 4, 2007

This would be better with waffles.

Thanks to my new laptop, I now have the unprecedented ability to blog about Grey's AS it happens. [This is mainly to help the Jill, who cannot watch the show as it happens] Since this cannot occur in person as it used to, this conversation is now reduced to cyberspace. tear sob.


Wtf pigtales Yang? Seriously?

OMFG Fix your hair Alex. It's fucking poufy - and whats with the goatee? Hideous. Shave it off.

Ah, George is back as an intern! At least he did not go to Mercy West.

"Girl on girl honeymoon" - someone's favorite fantasy I am sure.

I hope McDreamy and Bailey hook up. That would make my life.

The Chief just called Callie "George." I think. Maybe.

Oh snap. Sisters almost meet.


Dead guy breathing!!!!

Way to reveal you're Meredith's sister while wheeling in armless woman Lexie.

[karebare665 (9:09:35 PM): was that really the best time to drop that bomb lexie?][credits]

Ewwww - arm! [I'm having Elaine Scarry flashbacks]


If Alex doesn't cut his hair I will email Shonda Rimes personally.

A dude just ate cotton balls!

A zombie? Or Lazarus?!

Awwwwwkward for McDreamy.

Oh, look even more awkward."Daddy intern." Fucking creepy Callie.

"My boobs are a little sore." Oh wait just got creepier Callie.

Poor deer. If you fucking help a deer Izzie I will no longer have any respect for you.

A DEER?!?!? [Jill is crying right now because an animal is hurt]

karebare665 (9:19:06 PM): "we found this fucking arm in the road, and we have a dying deer in our truck"

Internally decapitated?!

karebare665 (9:21:39 PM): talk to you next commercial!

Eating surgical equipment?!?!!

Please note Alex will soon hook up with poor lonely armless girl.

Jumping the deer. [instead of the shark]"You don't try to save them, you eat them." Gross!!


Does Meredith have a fake spray bottle tan?!

Eeeeewwwwwwwww. Alex and Lexie.

Bailey and the Chief throw down!

Hahahaha Christina is awesomely bitchy again.

karebare665 (9:27:46 PM): McDreamy seems really pathetic

Laa13laa (9:27:42 PM): seriously

Laa13laa (9:27:47 PM): lame oh

Laa13laa (9:28:11 PM): even i can find someone to go get a drink with and I'm not nearly as hot as Patrick Dempsey

karebare665 (9:28:29 PM): haha

karebare665 (9:29:02 PM): if you're going to have a baby with no arm, you need the best ob/gyn

karebare665 (9:29:50 PM): and did that guy eat siccors?

Laa13laa (9:29:51 PM): yeah i am pretty certain

Laa13laa (9:29:56 PM): and some binder clips ahaha

karebare665 (9:30:21 PM): gross!

karebare665 (9:30:29 PM): somebody make that man some waffles!

karebare665 (9:30:31 PM): stat

Bailey is way more badass than Callie.

Laa13laa (8:54:10 PM): mwuahahahaha I get to watch greys before you do!

Laa13laa (8:54:14 PM): yay time zones

prestochangeo44 (9:32:52 PM): bitch

Crying kids? Now you're just manipulating our emotions.

GIZZIE is freaking creepy.

"I'm Bambi" Oh man where is P Patel?

Vent McDreamy vent.

Oh snap McDreamy just owned McSteamy!!

Bonding with an armless woman Meredith? wtf.

Man chokes on scissors!!!

karebare665 (9:38:09 PM): so izzie is bambi?

karebare665 (9:38:15 PM): and how dumb is she

karebare665 (9:38:17 PM): he's married

karebare665 (9:38:24 PM): leave him alone

karebare665 (9:38:30 PM): homewrecking whore

karebare665 (9:39:53 PM): izzie's mother isn't even dead!

karebare665 (9:39:56 PM): that line made no sense

They are going to shock deer? What.the.freaking.hell.

OMG a Lazarus deer!!

A baby is coming! And no Addison!!! And George is delivering a baby?!!?!? wtf.

he just delivered it in all of 3 seconds.

Lexie's has crazy big eyes like Stephanie!

Oh man,now Christina is sappy. I take her awesomeness back.

Callie and Alex throw down!

"A cute festival" Seriously?!?! I think I might hate Lexie.

Awwww what about you George? <3

Her mom was the hiccup woman?!?!

Wtf Lexie and George are so going to make out in like 3 episodes.

karebare665 (9:49:58 PM): when did george become a pimp

karebare665 (9:50:03 PM): all the ladies want him

karebare665 (9:50:06 PM): too bad he is gay

karebare665 (9:51:08 PM): in the reality of the fictional universe

karebare665 (9:51:14 PM): i was hoping the deer would attack izzie

karebare665 (9:51:28 PM): also please note that i am eating shredded cheddar cheese out of a bag

If Bailey says "speechless" one more time I am going to yell at the TV.

You're not chief resident Bailey so you can actually go home and spend time with your baby!!!

Oh my hell. Now McSteamy is getting all touchy feeling."I came to Seattle for you. I came to Seattle to get you back."

I hope McDreamy and McSteamy hook up!!!!! That would make my freakin life.

OMG Lexie wants George so bad.

Are ALEX AND CHRISTINA about to have a tender moment?!?!!?!?!?!?!! NO WAY.

Ooooh cold Meredith, cold.


Thank god.

They were getting boring. You broke up - stop making out!!!!


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