Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Forgotten Whores of Grey's Anatomy

Quick! Who's the bigger whore?
A. Alex Karev
B. George O'Malley
C. Mark Sloane aka McSteamy

My guess is you probably chose A or C - not dear, sweet innocent George. But this afternoon, me and the K Fig came to the conclusion that George O'Malley is actually one of the biggest whores on 'Grey's Anatomy.' In the course of a year [or 3 seasons, whatever I don't get TV time] George has slept with Olivia, Meredith, Callie and Izzie. This is made even more impressive by the fact that he's gay - okay in the reality of the fictional universe he's not, but whatever.
I know that civilized society will now shun me, but that has already happened as the K Fig and I have also recently found ourselves as the only members of "Team Alex" is support of Dr. Karev. This does not mean that I no longer love the George, as he is still the love of my imaginary Grey's life - and like Callie I'm not exactly ready to give up on the George that once was.
So George, what happened?! How did you quietly and stealthily amass more lady action than McSteamy, the self-admitted man whore?
In fact George's man-whore ways can be topped by only one person - Izzie Stevens, yet another character not necessarily thought of as a whore. In the course of one 3 season year Izzie has slept with Alex, gotten engaged to Denny and broken up George's marriage. Now that's seriously impressive.
So all of this begs the question - does being a whore mean actually sleeping with a multitude of people, or just acting like one? Blunt, more obviously good looking, slightly jack-ass-y men like Alex Karev fit our preconceived notions of what a man whore should be, so even though he's only slept with Izzie and Olivia and not broken up any marriages and kissed Addison once [and actually restrained from getting it on with a patient! Gasp!] we immediately think he's actually the whore. But all the while, bumbling, short and in earnest George slips by under the radar actually doing the man-whorey deeds.
But then again, when you're on a fictional prime time soap opera sleeping with a few more people than the next guy might not mean anything at all.
This then leads us to Izzie - why is she not the resident lady-whore? Perhaps it's because we always feel sorry for her - her fiance did die the same night he proposed, and the other guy she's supposedly in love with is already married [though not for long apparently]. Tragedy and whore-iness don't mix, and all we're left with is a muddle which just leaves us feeling sorry for her. The only woman ever actually called a "whore" was Meredith - by Derek, for sleeping with...well, him.
Sure, Meredith was sleeping with a married man, but then Derek knew he was married to Addison and sure Addison slept with Sloane but then Sloane slept with Callie when she was semi-dating George and then George slept with Izzie and then.....when everyone is sleeping with everyone else does the label "whore" not matter anyway?

Oh, I would just like to say this applies to real society by the way.
Which justifies me wasting 30 minutes writing a blog about a fictional TV world.

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