Thursday, October 11, 2007

"i just threw a pancake in the river!!" -OR- a new meaning of the phrase "breakfast with grey's"

alex [the girl] asked for a buzzed post, so here it is. ignore any typing mistakes; they're really not my fault.

first - alex [the guy] is an ass. and being an ass does not make a person hot. in the reality of the actual universe (as opposed to the fictional) asshole-ism decreases a person's attractiveness. therefore, if alex and lexie actually interacted in real life, she would have punched him in the head while in the elevator.

meredith and lexie: you've each lost your mother, and it sounds like you've each lost your father (for different reasons, but still) - bond over that! you're all you've got! besides that other sister. what the heck happened to her!?

callie: izzie will so kick your ass. growing up in a trailer park, giving up a baby at 16, losing your fiance to a heart attack - what have you done? oh yeah, i seem to remember your uber-rich father showing up and threatening to pay for a big, glamorous ("champagne wishes and caviar dreams," addison? way to rip off fergie) wedding. even though you may be a dominatrix in comparison to george, izzie will still kick your ass. even though she has gone all bambi the last couple of seasons, she once threatened to beat up cristina. and cristina was scared. so you should be too.

ohhh!!!!! i have just realized that i did not tape over my "antiques roadshow" with grey's fucking anatomy. this is so glorious!

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