Friday, September 26, 2008

A warm and gooey person who lives with a boy.

Aside from the fact that Meredith chose this episode to describe herself as a fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookie.....yes! yes! yes!

Okay, so an ice storm isn't exactly the natural disaster I have been begging for these 5 long years, but you know - baby steps. And actually I think this episode was a step in the right direction of bringing Grey's out of that hole it fell into when it decided to spend an episode in heaven with Denny, the dog, and the bomb man. Or whatever.

And based on last night's episode, here are some suggestions/observations [as always, a list]:

1. Mark Sloane needs to get involved in an extended plot line ASAP. Because now that Addison is gone, his friendship with Derek repaired, and Hahn now a lesbian....he needs something to do. Because he basically just spent this entire episode throwing out barbs at Derek and advising Lexie on her love life [?!?!!!11] Some sort of weird love triangle between Lexie-Sloane-George seems it might be brewing, but it in that case, George probably wouldn't stand a chance. Normally, I really wouldn't care what the fuck Mark Sloane did, but ever since the [albeit awesome] "This man is a whore" speech, I kinda feel for maybe seeing him involved in plot that doesn't involve womanizing would be refreshing.

2. Stop regressing Alex Karev!!!! ["I had a bad night and cried like a girl. I'm over it."]

2.5 I feel the seeming random Alex was getting it on with will prove important [or that we know her already] since there seemed to be a pointed effort to not show us her face just yet...her hair looked vaguely like Rose's - but hey, I wouldn't put it past Alex to just get it on with some random either.

3. Hahn and Callie are kinda cute in a sort weird, strange way. [Why was Katy Perry not playing in the background when they had their 'I've never kissed a girl' conversation btw?]

4. When George told Lexie he slept with Meredith he implied it happened "last year." So he slept with Meredith, married Callie in Vegas, slept with Izzie, got divorced and failed the intern exam all in one year?! This is the show's 5th season - there is no way all this shit went down in one year. Fix your damn timeline already Grey's.

5. Um, couldn't you just let the icicle melt.......?

6. Flashforwards/ dreams/ hallucinations/ whatever....are they real? Will they come true? Or are they just you know, dreams? Will Jack and Kate and Sawyer and Ben and Locke make cameos?

7. One more thing on these flashfowards/dreams [or whatever]: on her blog Shondra Rhimes said that "all the clues for this season are in the first episode." Sooooooooo....Izzie meeting Denny at the elevator and getting to show him her prom dress - since that ill-fated heaven episode proved to us that heaven does indeed look like Seattle Grace, and that Denny inhabits it still, does Izzie die and thats how she's greeted in heaven?!?!!?!?!!111 [zomg! please!]

8. Another reason to dislike Sarah Palin: her stupid debate preempts Grey's next week, so I have to wait 2 weeks for another episode.

9. I take that back, her debate is going to be hillarious.

10. Since Rhode Island is about to get hit by a "coastal storm" and tropical storm Kyle all within two days and will probably flood within 4 hours - its a small state - I am definitely looking forward to the hospital flooding. That is, if my house hasn't floated away by then.

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