Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not thesising, but suggesting.

Having been living in a haze the past month or so due to continued thesis writing, my foggy brain had little thought for things beyond the year 1676 - but today I watched some adverts on for tonight's new season. And praise the Lord! The Grey's I know and love is back. Blood! Crashing cars! Pregnancy! Alex Karev! George O'Malley!

Some suggestions for this season:

1. George O'Malley better be the adorable foppy haired dude who accidentally looked at Bailey's vay jay jay again or else I will be pissed. I had to endure a season of fucking Gizzie and I deserve my George back. Seriously.

2. I see Jill suggests that McDreamy gets abducted by aliens, a prediction which I fully support since this summer I went through a phase where I watched like at least one X-Files episode daily...and I discovered that James Pickens, Jr - aka the Chief - also plays one of Mulder and Scully's bosses, and that the infamous penis fish man was played by the same actor who played M & S's other boss. David Duchovny is all busy getting sex-recovered and starring in Californication, but I assume Gillian Anderson is totally free for a cameo [plus Scully is actually a doctor!].

3. Kill off Izzie. Thanks.

4. Let's end the slitting the wrist trope please. Blood grosses me out. And knives scare the shit out of me. That scene in the finale when Meredith walked into the kitchen and saw blood and a bloody knife was eerily reminiscent of how I imagined my roommates felt when they walked into our apartment after my great finger-slicing incident [just you know, without the suicidal stuff].

5. Hire me as a writer because when this thesis thing is over I need a job. [Tonight's preview features an out of control car! Please see two year old post in which I wrote a fictional episode about the trials of me and Jill having SARS which included a runaway car!]

6. My roommates have taken to studying in our living room [gah!] and I feel bad kicking them out - so ABC do you think you could follow MTV's lead and post your shows online like 5 minutes after they are done airing? Seriously, The Hills ends at 10:30 and by 10:38 I am getting my trash TV fix.

7. Volcano. please. I have been asking for this for forever, and now Jill has joined in the fight.

8. If you are unwilling to do a volcano episode [god forbid, Grey's actually thinks something is too ridiculous] please at the very least have some shit go down with the Space Needle. For realz.

9. Did I just type "for realz"?! God. I've lost my mind.

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