Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This Thursday the season finale of Grey's is upon us [So soon?! Just when George was getting incredibly adorable again!! Damn you Writer's Strike]. Me, K Fig and Jill will not be able to watch it at the regular time because well, we will be at the Kanye West/Rihanna concert - but hey, thats why they invented videotapes and abc.com. Sorry Alex Karev, Kanye will be our egotistical maniac for the evening instead.

But the previews for the finale is offering a ridamndiculous teaser of a man trapped in what looks like some sort of stone-ish substance.

Predictions as to what this substance is are as follows:

My mother: A meteor. Props to my mother for thinking of that one. A man trapped inside a meteor is completely ludicrous, which means its a viable guess for a show like Grey's.

K Fig: "It's probably dried cement. Or something lame." This is probably what it actually is, and yes, it will be lame.

Self: Dried lava. For like 2 years now Grey's I have been urging you to make the most of your surroundings - you are in the Pacific Northwest for godssakes, let's have some volcano action!!! [All right fine, I don't know if there is an active volcano legitimately close to Seattle, but hey, nothing on Grey's is legitimate].

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