Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grey's is now the gayest show on TV.

Well, maybe aside from 'Project Runway.' [<3 btw]

But Hahn finally made out with Callie. In an elevator. In front of Sloan.

In other news, George O'Malley is once again officially the cutest thing. Ever.
George + Tuck = afuckingdorable.

The Chief?
Unexpectedly funny.

Also: why, exactly, did Rebecca/Ava/Jane Doe/Alex's Woman think she pregnant even though she wasn't?
I think Jill's prediction that she actually has the tumor Meredith and Derek are trying to cure is just ridiculously unbelievable enough for Grey's to try pull some shit like that.

Finally a note to the writers:
Izzie was in this episode for only about 3 minutes.
Thank you writers, thank you.
You are starting to wise up to her annoyingness.

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