Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A notice to all TV execs.

Dear television executives,

Allow me to introduce myself. I know that now that all your writers are on strike you have no one to pen scrips for your shows. However, I - Alex Cervenak - would like to offer my script writer services. I have been writing fake episodes - as well as [correctly] predicting real occurrences - on Grey's Anatomy for several years now in my livejournal. Thus, I feel that not only can I continue the current season I can [dare I say it?] write it better, as I'll cut all the weird sentimental and completely unbelievable bullshit. Also, as a former news opinions writer I feel that this qualifies me [though you may not] to write for such people as Jon Stewart or even Dave Letterman. And most importantly, I am a poor college student meaning that whatever you pay me, I will gladly take it meaning you don't have to worry about ME going on strike.
There is the offer. Please consider.


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