Sunday, January 25, 2009

Three Dog Nightmare

So the trainwreck that is Grey's anatomy reached a new high (low?) last week when Mark Sloane suffered a penile fracture. Grey's should have taken this one step farther and Had his penis split in half a la Chuck Negron from Three Dog Night. This series of events was so absurd that it led to this exchange with the Jay-Z via text:

Jill: Oh. My. God
Karen: Did Mark split in half?
Jill: Three god nightmare!
Karen: Jeremiah was a bullfrog
Jill: I mean dog
Karen: I hope Chuck Negron is watching

The moral of the story is hopefully to stop getting it on during working hours. Sadly, everyone at Seattle Grace is a sex freak and that will never happen. This event also proved once and for all that every doctor is mentally 2 years old. I think every lame pun that could be used to describe Marcs unfourtunate predicament was used.

In other events, ghost stalking was still going strong by Denny. However, Izzie seems to finally be getting the hint that he is in fact a ghost, and is not actually real. We may have seen the last of ghost Denny after Izzie finally figured out that I'm here for you means that Izzie is sick. This brings me to another peeve I have about this show, every time one of the doctors has a medical problem they insist on running a bunch of tests on themself instead of asking one of the many quailifed doctors on the Seattle Grace hospital to figure out what is wrong with them ( oh wait, every doctor at Seattle Grace is a hack, except for Alex)

And finally the death row inmates liver dilemma continued. Bailey and Dereck both pondered whether they were exectioners or doctors, in really melodramatic fashion of course. This three week storyline was completely unneccessary as they later found organs for the kid elsewhere in the hospital. What could have been a interesting moral dilemma turned out to lame, but by now you should be watching this show with low expectations.

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