Saturday, February 3, 2007

Just so I can say I called it.

Since it was about 2:30 am and we had nothing better to do, me and Jill of course decided to watch yesterday's episode of Grey's Anatomy online.

We cannot believe we are this addicted to a show with such ridiculous plotlines which we complain about constantly. Yet we watch it on loop.

And in next week's episode there is supposed to be some massive diasaster which kills a shit load of people. We predict any combination of the following scenarios:

1. Its a fucking lame disaster like 2 ferry boats hitting each other. [This will probably be it, as previews always make the next episode look more dramatic than it actually is]

2. Terrorists learn that herbal supplements combined with radiation and chemo create neuro toxins and so they run around feeding cancer patients herbs.

3. Terrorists blow up the Space Needle.

4. A ferry boat runs into the Space Needle.

5. Due to an earthquake the Space Needle tips over. And lands on a ferry boat.

I am really rooting for something involving the Space Needle and/or ferry boats.

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